New Article: Where is the Hope for Burundi?


Where is the Hope for Burundi?

About a month before returning to Rwanda, I was contacted by members of the Burundian diaspora community in NYC and Washington, DC, who were very concerned about the atrocities taking place in Burundi. With the hashtag #BurundiCrisis and #Burundi1YearofCrimes trending, I was also concerned about the increasing deadly violence in Burundi, closely linked to the country of Rwanda, which I care about so much. Upon returning to Rwanda in mid-May, I realized that the Burundian community in Kigali also needed help and representation, and so I wrote the following policy article on the commemoration of one year of preventable atrocities in Burundi. Thanks to Andrew Mwenda and The Independent Magazine in Uganda and Rwanda for publishing it. Please read, share, and reflect. I hope to write an update to this article soon, now that the peace negotiations in Arusha have begun and will continue.


Amahoro to all.


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